Rhythm is everywhere.

Rhythm Research is an electronic music label, software company and a booking agency from Berlin. We are a multidisciplinary team of artists who has set themselves to alter your perception of the external world through cross cutting media experiences.

Ritual Cycles is a project focused on exploring the interaction between conciousness and music by recontextualizing organic field recordings in a dance music context. Each piece consists of several sounds starting with the waves resampled though several techniques and devices with each iteration adding another layer of texture.


Channel Love

A contemporary saturation plugin producing an unmistakably analog sound.

It enables a workflow inspired by the classic sound of big studio desks tailored to the requirements of modern dense mixes. The plugin is very flexible and the sound ranges from extremely transparent (the clean gain stage is most likely more transparent than the average DAW fader) through different colors of analog saturation to a very satisfying overload.

Channel Love is a saturation plugin which stands out in terms of sound, concept and usability.

Featuring state of the art DSP powering:

  • three gain stages
  • adjustable clean gain for classic gain staging
  • fixed clean drive stage tailored for modern mixing
  • adjustable console color Drive color
  • novel drastic filter design with highpass and lowpass
  • mojo filter section which can work as a subtle warmer or a dynamic expander
  • subtle colors for your mix or extreme but pleasant sounding distortions
  • increased headroom for your mix

Available now on the Rhythm Research web shop.

Channel Love screenshot

Hot Air - FREE

Advanced distortion generator.

The Hot Air free VST3 plugin will increase the level of your tracks by producing extra harmonics.

Bump the average level of your mixes/submixes without changing the peak level.

Since Hot Air is not a limiter nor a compressor it can be used alongisde your usual compression techniques.

Hot Air is very easy to operate:

The Curve control varies the nature of the effect from minimum where the content seems to be expanded (increased dynamic range) - through halfway where the dynamic range seems least affected - to maximum where the programme is loudest and seems to have some degree of dynamic compression.

Blend is a simple Dry/Wet control which for example can allow you to layer a heavily effected copy of your input over the clean signal.

  • add loudness and excitement to subgroups or a whole mix
  • shave off transients
  • bring up the average level of your tracks
  • easy to operate
  • preserve the dynamics of your mix
  • FREE to download

Available now on the Rhythm Research web shop.

Hot Air screenshot