Advanced analog saturator.

A contemporary saturation plugin producing an unmistakably analog sound.

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Platform support

64bit VST3  OSX > 10.15 Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 🔓 no iLok

signal flow: main features

First: Gain Staging

The Drive section is a flexible process designed to bring your signals up to unity gain with a super transparent process.

Here is also the first opportunity to push your signal beyond clean for some more girth, going up to aggressive analog desk overload.

SECOND: bass galore

The Color section is the heart of Channel Love. This state of the art tone control will add authority to any sound.

Turn it all the way clockwise for earth shaking bass and delicious non linearity.

Paired with the Drive stage, The Color control will turn shy kick drums and bass instruments into earth shaking sonic assault.

Third: Novel Filter Design

The Mojo filter is unlike any other. This experimental circuit will help you carve out any out of control sources with the unique, super steep LP and HP filters.

Althought designed for mixing, this filter is absolutely wild. Use the mojo section at your own discretion.

Under the hood

Saturation comparison.

Hot Air
  • Waveshaping Saturator
  • Increase perceived loudness
  • add excitement to your mix and groups
  • preserve dynamics
Channel Love
  • Mix with three gain stages
  • adjustable clean gain for classic gain staging
  • fixed clean drive stage tailored for modern mixing
  • adjustable console color Drive color
  • Novel Filter Design
  • HQ oversampled processing
  • subtle colors or distortion
  • increased headroom for your mix
19.00 / unlimited license

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